A group of performers and crew visited a monastery school in Insein, northern Yangon, on Friday February 13, to put on a show for the 400 children who are taught there.  In Myanmar the monastery schools provide education for children who can not attend normal state-run schools.

The children clearly had no idea what juggling was when the show started, but as you’ll see in the video highlights posted here, they soon got the idea.  Their reaction and enthusiasm made the day very special.

In order of appearance the performers were MiMi, Mike Twist, Tink McQuillin, Maike Aerden, Andrea Russell and Haggis McLeod. Thanks to Richard Gillett for doing the filming.

Thousands of children receive their schooling in
“non-formal” education such as monastery schools. Poor parents may not be able to send their children to school in Myanmar as, although education is provided by the state, money is required for books and various fees.  Families also have to be registered as residents in an area in order for the children to be enrolled in a state school.

The Insein monastery school receives support from the Sule Shangri La Hotel as part of it’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) programme and hotel staff put on a special lunch for the children before the show. The Sule Shangri La Hotel was a major sponsor of the international juggling festival, providing accommodation for visiting performers and venues.

Festival Restrospective – Monastery School Show
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