Thanks to our wonderful supporters for getting involved in Social Circus Yangon via our StartSomeGood campaign and our Get Involved page. We are grateful for this response from around the world which enabled us to bring the Yangon circus teams together for a Day of Fun on February 13 and is helping to fund some of the project costs.



Silvia’s Elemental Yoga Group in Yangon
Nicola Henderson
Ko Ko Bond-Razak
AMC Cuypers
Mary Lightfoot
Gautam Singh
Alison Carter
Francie Fishman
Lian Brott
Saskia Kent
Shirley Smith
Charlotte Bennett Schoen
Circability team
Takagi Vlahek’s
Chrissy Smith
Deena Frooman
Gloria Neale
Jiye Suh
Heaton Dyer
Belinda Walker [/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third]
Sebastien Bris
Nikitin Sallee
Multinesia Productions
Simone Willems
Ellen Agger
Nicole Lasas
Charles Gervais
Georg Peter Mueller
Pam Nairn
Sandy Barron
Owen Smith
Alleson Kase
Juliette Kennedy
Viengsam & Ton Indavong
John Hudson
Bronwyn Gray
Mike Rehu
Ian Richardson
Caroline Richards
Mike Brockie
Dr Tan’s Walk In Clinic
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Jake & Jo Goode
Lee Hayes
Miki Matsui
Ursala Overdale
Lynsey Nicol
Anna & Les SD
Martin Archer
Frank Spencer
Nell Power
Alan Smith
John Hadfield
Peter Kellam
Peter Hurley
Orly Jacobson
Lindy Johnson
Bev Adams Stack
Vicky Bowman
Andre Pires
Jill & Phill Ridgewell/Lang
Sally Thompson
Etain MacDonnell
Katherine Dobson
Brian Reay