Our Sponsors for Juggling Equipment!

A ma-hoo-sive thank you to:

PLAY (Italy) – who are donating equipment and collecting it all in Europe mainland in order to forward it. Thanks Davide and PLAY Juggling.




Beard (UK) – who are donating a whole load of stuff
BEARD Juggling



Ballaballa (Germany) – who are donating





Just Juggling (Germany) – who are donating

Just Juggling




Gora (Hungary) – who are donating




Oddballs (UK) – who are donating more great props


Henry’s (German) – who are donating even more great props!


Jac Products (UK) – who donated great props
Jac Products


Thanks! Danke! Grazie! Köszönöm! Grazie!

Many thanks from the Serious Fun Committee and from the Burmese young people and adults who will play and love your juggling kit donations in Yangon in February and ongoing!