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Serious Fun production teams create videos of our festivals and other events, including the “Serious Fun in Yangon” webisodes and “Not Your Normal Tourists”, the story of the legendary first ever Serious Fun juggling festival in Thailand in 1993.


Serious Fun in Yangon – the webisodes

This series of 7 short videos tells the story of the kids juggling project, a key part of the International Juggling Festival in Yangon in February 2015. Filmed over 3 months, the webisodes begin with the kids learning juggling and other circus skills with Mr Jules, then show what happens when the international jugglers arrive.



Webisode 1: Let’s Juggle

Serious Fun workshops begin with children living in marginalised communities.

Webisode 2: The Kids from Karen State

Children living far from home join the juggling workshops.

Webisode 3: New Games and New Props

The kids tell us what they think of it all as new games are introduced.

Webisode 4: The Festival Begins

The juggling kids join in as the international juggling festival begins.

Webisode 5: It’s Show Time

Four performers have just a few hours to help the Karen hostel team create its first show.

Webisode 6: Everyone Needs to Have Fun

Juggling is for everyone, including the kids from Eden Centre for Disabled Children.

Webisde 7: Day of Fun

A day of shows, workshops, and tough competition for medals in the juggling olympics.


Yangon Festival Videos

The Yangon fire show was the public finale of the festival, staged in a spectactular setting next to Sule Pagoda in downtown Yangon, Februry 14, 2015. Camera: Lin Thet Naung, Yannick Jooris.


The Big Show at Kandawgyi Park, February 11, 2015. Camera: Lin Thet Naung, Yannick Jooris.

Festival Day 1 workshop action. Camera: Lin Thet Naung, Yannick Jooris, Richard Gillett.

An awesome reaction from children at a monastery school who had never seen juggling before. February 13, 2015. Camera: Richard Gillett

Action from the Day of Fun, Kandawgyi Park, February 14, 2015. Camera: Lin Thet Naung, Yannick Jooris.

Community juggling workshops filmed and edited by Lin Thet Naung for presentation at the press conference, 4 February 2015.

International Laos Juggling Festival

The Laos fire show took place during the That Luang festival in Vientiane, in front of a crowd of 50,000 people. Camera: Yannick Jooris.


First International Thailand Juggling Festival

The Klong Toei excerpt from “Not Your Normal Tourists” tells the story of the slum kids who learned juggling then joined in the show. More excerpts from “Not Your Normal Tourists” here. Camera: Chrissy Smith, Yannick Jooris.

Glastonbury Festival

Sometimes we make videos about other events which our participants are involved in. A Serious Fun favourite is the Theatre and Circus fields at the famous Glastonbury festival in the UK which always amazes with fantastic acts and truly wonderful experiences.  We tried to capture the essense of Theatre & Circus with the 2010 Glastonbury webisodes, marking the 40th anniversary of the festival.

Webisode Presenters:
Haggis McLeod
Rosie Baker-Williams
Steve Kaos
Lee Hayes
Jules Howarth
Jessica Churchill-McLeod

Filmed by Phil Foster, additional filming by Frank Spencer
Directed and edited by Jude Smith

A Moment in Time is another film from from Glastonbury and uses a mixture of timelapse, stop motion and video to portray Theatre & Circus fields 2013. Filmed by Phil Foster & Jude Smith, with additional shots from Jules Howarth.


Glastonbury Theatre & Circus Fields