The Serious Fun Story

We began as the Serious Fun Committee with the intention of creating events that were fun for participants and audiences alike, but which also opened doors and eyes to new ways of looking at the world.  The result so far has been a series of extraordinary events in various countries, starting with first ever Thailand juggling festival in 1993.

This website is to celebrate past events and showcase current events.  It’s a place where anyone who has been involved can post photos, comments, videos, stories, ideas… whatever you like. You can post comments on each of the pages.

We know that it’s the people involved in these events who not only make them happen but make them unforgettable.  On this website we have a few reminders of what we have achieved together.

Serious Fun is a collection of people who come together around an event, bringing diverse skills and a willingness to work hard collaboratively to create some very serious fun.  Want to be involved in the next project? Email us

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