The Serious Fun in Yangon series of webisodes are rolling out now on our facebook page and there’s a complete playlist below as well.

The seven webisodes tell the story of the children’s juggling project, a key part of the first ever International Juggling Festival in Myanmar in February.  The webisodes start with the children learning juggling and circus skills with Serious Fun’s Jules Howarth (aka Mr Jules) in the lead up to the festival, then move on to the experiences the children have once the international jugglers arrive.

Thanks to the many friends who supported our community project appeal to enable Serious Fun to pay up front costs of the children’s juggling project and to enable our fantastic cameraman and translator Lin Thet Naung to work with Jules from the very start.

We would also like to thank all the people who are in these webisodes, particularly the young jugglers of Yangon and the international jugglers who freely gave their time to help with this project during the festival.

Thanks also to our local committee members, Yangon partners and festival sponsors who had faith in the idea and worked with us to make the festival a huge success.

Extra special thanks to the juggling companies who donated the props which we have distributed to the children’s juggling groups in Yangon.

Finally, heartfelt thanks to Jules who volunteered months of his time to work with these children and who did an inspiring job as you’ll see in the webisodes. Hope you enjoy them all.


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